Pinehurst Mobile Rig

Our mobile rig is what makes us the industry leader in auto detailing.

We have the freedom to serve our customers at the drop of a dime and bring our service to you no matter where you are in the operating area. The rig is equipped with high quality products and machines that are backed up by another so we never miss an appointment due to equipment failure.

Please take a look at our trailers and you will see what the Pinehurst Mobile Detailing Rigs will be bringing to you.

  • Pressure Washers- 1 electric & 1 gas 3500 champion, 75 Foot Reach
  • Generator- 1 4000 watt champion, 100 foot drop cords for back up
  • Mytee Lite hot water carpet extractor, 100 Foot Reach
  • 100 gallon water tank
  • Electric polishers- 2
  • Buffers- 2
  • Air Compressor- 75 Foot reach
  • Wall mount Master Vac- 40 Foot Reach
  • Micro Fiber towels for all use, Drying Towels, Glass Towels, Long Reach Rim Cleaning Tools


  • Compounding: Diamond Cut, Heavy Cut, Vibra cut, Vibra Cut Lite, Vibra Cut 2
  • Polishing: Blue Diamond, Buff & Bling, Foam Pad Glaze, Spider Web Glaze
  • Paint Sealant: ST 3000 Polymer Sealant, Cherry Wet Wax
  • Headlight restoration Kit
  • Wheel Cleaner, Engine degreaser, Formulated Wash & Wax, RTU Glass Cleaner, Pink Power Interior Cleaner, Pear Gloss Interior Dressing, Carpet Cleaner, Bug Off, Citrus Degreaser, Special Force Cleaner, Engine dressing, Detailing Brushes, Air Tools
  • 5 Gallon gas can